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This is a guide to the Terms and Conditions of Transport on Busan City Tour Bus

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 [Purpose]

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Transport (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) is to regulate transport-related liability between Busan City Tour of Busan Tourism Organization (hereinafter referred to as the “operator”) and passengers, requirements for management, etc .under the Article 10 of Passenger Transport Service Act

Article 2[Application of the Terms and Conditions]

These Terms and Conditions shall not be applied when inconsistent with relevant laws and regulations.

Article 3 [Alteration of the Terms and Conditions]

The rules set forth by and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice after reported to the competent agency.

Article 4 [Sign and its Attachment in Vehicles]

The operator shall display the following things on the place easy to be seen in the vehicle.

  • 1. A sign panel specifying a company name, a vehicle number, a main office’s location, etc.
  • 2. The location of door sand the way of opening the min the vehicle installed with the emergency exit, if any
  • 3. Schematic diagram of operation (route map)

Chapter 2 Fare

Article 5 [Payment of fare]

  • 1. The passenger shall pay the approved fare when riding.
  • 2. Adult fare is₩ 15,000.
  • 3. Children under five years, if accompanied by a passenger ,shall ride free: Provided, That when the number of children accompanied by passengers exceeds the number of accompanying guardians ,or they wish any seat to be assigned, they shall purchase a prescribed boarding pass.

Article 6 [Discount of fare]

The following passengers can receive a discount: Provided, That it may vary at the time of operator’s report on fare changes.

  • 1. Children and adolescents (from five years to high school students or under)
  • 2. The adult groups of ten or more and KTX ticket holders within the day of its use, Handicap Welfare cardholders (and one additional accompanying adult, if any), and National Merit card holders

Article 7 [Refund of fare]

When the operator stops transportation for reasons other than a natural disaster or other force majeure, it shall refund the fare: Provided, That the operator shall not refund the fare or offer alternative transportation due to delayed travel time caused by traffic jams, and any passenger who wants a refund of the fare shall submit a boarding pass and a receipt.

Article 8 [Refund of deposit]

The operator shall refund passenger’s deposit as shown in each of subparagraphs.

  • 1. 3 days before boarding: full refund
  • 2. 2 days to 1 day before boarding: refund after 30% deduction of cancellation fee
  • 3. Boarding day: refund after50% deduction of cancellation fee

Article 9 [Payment of additional fare]

  • 1. A passenger shall pay the additional fare of 10 times the fare in addition to the boarding fare in the following cases.
    • ①When a passenger rides free or pays the fare under the regulation charge
    • ② When an adult rides with a child and youth ticket
    • ③When a passenger rides with a ticket received from someone else without permission
  • 2. In regard to the items ①, ② of the subparagraph1 above, a driver may require passengers to present an ID card, a student ID, a youth ID, and so on.

Chapter 3 Transport Liability

Article 10[Restriction on Possession of articles, etc. ]

Passengers are not allowed to carry the following articles into the vehicle.

  • 1. Articles liable to cause harm to passengers as dangerous substances such as explosive, corrosive, flammable substances and so on
  • 2. Dead bodies
  • 3. Animals (excluding guide dogs for the blind with the certificate issued from an accredited institution)
  • 4. Articles liable to cause harm to passengers with uncleanness, bad smell, and so.
  • 5. Articles liable to block the isle, entrance, and emergency exit of the vehicle
  • 6. Other articles liable to cause harm to passengers or damage to the vehicle

Article 11 [Prohibited acts of passengers]

Passengers shall not be engaged in the following actions in the vehicle.

  • 1. Throwing articles out of the vehicle carelessly
  • 2. Operating mechanical equipment, emergency exit, etc. without the prior consent of employees
  • 3. Opening or closing doors during operation
  • 4. Requesting donation, sales or distribution of goods, solicitation, speech, etc.
  • 5. Smoking and drinking
  • 6. Jumping onto or off the vehicle during travel
  • 7. Disobeying other employees who restrain passengers for the safety of passengers or the maintenance of order in the vehicle
  • 8. Eating meals (excluding infant feeding and beverage drinking)
  • 9. Causing discomfort to other passengers with inebriation, filthy attire, etc.
  • 10. Causing anxiety or aversion to other passengers with violent words and deeds
  • 11.Asking a passenger for getting off at an impossible site.

Article 12 [Refusal of transport]

The operator may refuse to transport the following passengers.

  • 1. Anyone who does not conform to the restrain or guide of employees with respect to passenger’s violation of prohibited actions
  • 2. Anyone who attempts to ride with any article specified by Article 10in the Terms and Conditions
  • 3. Any patient, not accompanied by caregivers, with a serious illness or schizophrenia
  • 4. Any patient with infectious diseases defined by any act on the prevention of infectious diseases
  • 5.Anyone who does not comply with the fare collection of Article 5 in the Terms and Conditions

Article 13 [Liability]

The operator has liability as shown in the following cases.

  • 1. If the operator could not complete transportation for reasons attributable to itself such as bus breakdown or traffic accident during transport, they shall refund the received fare: Provided, that if the operator offers an alternate means of transportation, it may not refund the fare.
  • 2. The operator shall compensate for the personal injury or property damage of passengers caused by the intention or negligence of transport employees.
  • 3. If the company suffers loss from passenger's intention or negligence, or the violation of these Terms and Conditions and their related laws, it may claim compensation for the loss to the passenger.

Article 14 [Exemption from liability]

The operator shall be exempted from liability in the following cases.

  • 1. The impossibility of completing transportation, property damage or personal injury to passenger due to natural disaster, war and other force majeure, or the cause of passengers
  • 2. Theft, loss or damage of personal belongings or baggage including cash, etc.
  • 3. The rejection of the person doing the actions of Article 11 in the Terms and Conditions

Chapter 4 Traffic Safety

Article 15 [Actions at the time of accidents]

If the operator and employees are to stop the driving of the vehicle due to an accident, they shall take appropriate actions corresponding to the following matters.

  • 1. Providing passengers with protection and convenience
  • 2. Taking rapid emergency means and other necessary measures
  • 3. Keeping lost articles
  • 4. Making rapid notifications to family and other relatives

Chapter 5 Personal belongings in the vehicle

Article 16 [Personal belongings in the vehicle]

The operator shall refuse things other than personal belongings to be brought into the vehicle.

Article 17 [Permissible weight, volume and packaging]

Permissible amount of personal belongings imported into the vehicles less than 10Kg per capita, and permissible volume size is less than 50 × 40 × 20㎤.

Article 18 [Charge of storage]

Each passenger shall keep personal belongings at his or her risk, and the operator shall be exempted from liability for any incident related to the storage of personal belongings as far as not caused by the intention or negligence of the operator.

Article 19 [Investigation of baggage contents]

If the operator deems necessary due to operation security, laws, or others, it may investigate the contents of passenger’s baggage in the presence of the passenger or a third party designated by him or her.

Supplementary provisions

①[Scope of applicable legislation]

The matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the Enforcement Rule of Passenger Transport Service Act and the various related laws.

② [Enforcement Date]

These Terms and Conditions shall be effective from the date of 10 days after announcing to the Mayor of Busan.